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Real Estate Professional: Building or buying a brand new property is usually seen as a special privilege limited to the rich and famous. But what when this presumption could possibly be changed? What if we said that you may find a new house that is affordable but with all the facilities you require within a chic location, together with easygoing residents and fresh foods? 

We understand you could find it tough to believe, however it is a fact today. 

The Costa del Sol is almost everything you've always wanted. Due to fairly low property costs in this region, you may now afford to live in home you've always wanted. Go on and splurge! There’s never been a greater time for you to purchase residences in Costa del Sol. Here is why. 

Wealth Tax Abolished 

The Spanish federal government recently declared it would be ending the wealth tax, making residency in the area more attractive to individuals. The wealth tax specially targeted wealthy citizens who have been purchasing new houses & building up their estates. 

Citizens will soon obtain a complete exemption to this wealth tax, which means that no-one would be obligated to pay it when it goes into effect. The Spanish government expects that numerous people will check out Andalusia, which has become well known for its beauty. 

Real Estate Professional: Long before the wealth tax was abolished, Southern Spain used to be a lot cheaper location to live a life when compared with the vast majority of Northern Europe. You're going to be pleasantly surprised about what you can get for your money here! Even though it's not the costliest destination, there are tons of high-end luxury residences, designer clothing, & amazing food to be found in Costa del Sol. 

Sun-Kissed Cosmopolitan Living

Don’t allow the prices fool you; Costa del Sol is definitely a great place to live in. Citizens of Andalusia possess a relaxed & friendly culture, a hot local climate that is perfect for going outdoors and exploring nature, tasty tapas to enjoy whilst sightseeing and tours, and enjoyable festivals to visit. So there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. 

There's no need to be worried about civilization when you're on the beach. The key highway, which traverses the whole south coast, is easy to travel. Getting to Malaga, the city's center, is simply a short bus ride. Malaga International Airport can make it extremely easy to invite family and friends to come and you. If they get a taste of the area, perhaps they may choose to relocate here, too! 

There's no need to travel to the metropolis for day-to-day services, however. Malaga is really a pleasant city for foreign visitors, with a variety of things to do and restaurants. What else could you utilize all that beach? Devote your balmy night times sitting on the beach sipping sangria with your family and friends, watching the sunset. 

You have put in your life being careful using your funds & saving for your long term. You have done a fantastic job of being responsible with the money till now, so now it is about time to took the leap & go to a location where you could stay pleasantly. Costa del Sol is ready for you, in the same way it's been for each one of its visitors through the years. Real Estate Professional Just A Click Away in Marbella Malaga