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Ceasing the wealth tax

Spain announced the abolishment the wealth tax right from the 2023 tax year. The objective is to make residency in the area more desirable to international customers. Around 7,000 wealthy individuals are expected to move every year because of the measure. Find out about the superior benefits your money can yield within Costa del Sol.

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The tastes of Andalusia

The Costa del Sol houses some of the finest tapas within Spain. Many restaurants provide a free appetizer when purchasing a drink. Traditional ham, garlic prawns, and yummy patatas bravas are generally accessible for tasting. Fresh fish, shellfish as well as other marine foods play a substantial part in the seaside resorts' cuisine.

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Family-centric fun

Malaga as well as the Costa del Sol undoubtedly are a dream spot for most families since there are so many things to do here. If you can get the children out from the beach front, there are several of the very best theme parks to enjoy a family day trip.

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Gala treat

The vibrant Andalusians throw some of Spain's most outstanding events, ensuring at-least one fiesta each month. The Malaga Fair is the greatest festival on the South of Spain. It includes 9 days of fun & entertainment to celebrate traditional Andalusian customs.

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Real Estate in
Costa del Sol

Real Estate in Costa del Sol has over 150 kilometres (93 miles) of coastline in Málaga province with shores lapped by the Mediterranean Sea. Its name, the ‘Sunshine Coast’, couldn’t be more appropriate because of the 320 sunny days per year. Every town on the coast of Málaga is blessed with stunning beaches: there are 124 in total. Mountains runs parallel to the coast, which is why Málaga’s coastal towns nestle between the mountains and the sea. Costa del Sol is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Spain, hence the wide range of adventures to try. So it’ll come as no surprise to learn that there are 15 marinas and sailing clubs, golf courses, casinos and sport facilities of every kind, Michelin-starred restaurants and hundreds of leisure options.

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Costa del Sol

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