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Superb climate

The Costa del Sol enjoys more than 320 days of sunshine so you always have an excuse to head for the beach. With 160kms of coastline, the Costa del Sol has plenty of sandy beaches and coves to discover.

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There are bargains to find with options for new penthouses, luxury villas, beachfront access, golf course fairways and ocean views. The various options make finding your dream casa a reality.

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Family fun

Living in Malaga and the Costa del Sol is a dream for most families as there are so many things to do and places to explore. If you can get the children away from the beach, there are some of the finest theme parks to enjoy a family day out.

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Andalusian cuisine

The Costa del Sol is one of the best region’s to try tapas. You will be given a free tasty dish of food when you order a drink. Sample anything from traditional jamón to garlic prawns. Fresh fish plays a prominent part in the cuisine at coastal resorts.

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Global Real Estate
in Costa del Sol

Global real estate makes good investment sense. Because of the many high-quality properties available, the property market is more resistant than others markets. Interested buyers come from all over the globe. This means that if you sell your home later, there’s likely to be a large pool of prospective buyers for your property in Costa del Sol.

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